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Hi there… This site is not officially launched yet until I get more content. If you’ve found this site, thank you for checking it out.. I’m hard at work on it so please do come back to see whats new in the days to come!

If you would like to be notified when the website has been launched, just drop me an email through the contact page. Thank you!

Bows to all beings,

What is EnlightenmentReview?
EnlightenmentReview is your review source  for all people, places, & things which support the path of enlightenment. E-R is dedicated to showcasing & providing exposure for all things sharing the message & practice of awakening.

E-R  is not a religious website nor confined to one contemplative tradition or another. E-R is likely to contain a broad range of views methods & practices. Enlightenment itself has no name, it is only lived, thus all its varied expressions are but  fingers pointing to the moon. May E-R be a helpful finger for you!

A different kind of review:
Normally when we think of reviews, we are expecting some kind of personal opinion but since enlightenment its-self is not based on opinions, EnlightenmentReview will not be centered around opinions either. Rather opinions will be more of a secondary nature on this site. E-R is simply here to help support the contemplative culture of enlightenment & expose people to wonderful things to help them on their journey!

On E-R you will find:

  • Movie Reviews
  • Book Reviews
  • Featured People
  • Music Reviews
  • Cool Places
  • Featured Website reviews
  • Enlightenment in Pop-Culture
  • Events Reviews
  • Featured Contemplative Groups & Organizations
  • Environmental Section
  • Natural Health
  • & we will see what other goodies!
 How can you support this Website? E-R is entirely volunteer based. Please support this website by visiting our Advertizing Sponsors & purchasing various titles linked from this website.

About the Author/Creator:

Hi I’m Shaon, previously known by the name Fugon & I’m the creator of this website. I am 39 years old & live in Los Angeles. I am of a non-conventional spirit & 6 year Precept Holder in the Zen Buddhist tradition, previously facilitating Chicago Zen Practice Group; Underdog Zendo & more. I am a digital artist & along with web design, photography & Sumi-e brush painting. You can check out my other works & services at . I sincerely hope you enjoy E-R! Thanks for visiting!